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Why see an herbalist?


Wildkraft Herbs offers one on one sessions and workshops on western plant medicine, healthy home assessments, traditional foods and productivity that empower individuals to transform their health and performance. Sessions can address a specific health issue or preventative care. Herbal tinctures, teas and capsules can help with many health issues including sleep issues, auto-immune, stress & anxiety, colds & flu, digestive issues, skin issues, reproductive health and wellness, respiratory issues, endocrine balance. 

What to expect?


We will meet outside in nature, in your home or via skype to discuss the events that have shaped your life, your health history, your home and work environment, your health goals, how you feel today and any other areas of wellness you would like to explore. In order to get a deeper look into your health I may take your pulse, look at your tongue and take your blood pressure. You will receive notes from our discussion with resources for further investigation and improvement along with a personalized formula based on this information.

About Blair

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Blair is a formally trained western clinical herbalist, corporate wellness educator, home health consultant, certified yoga teacher, permaculture fanatic, home chef and DIYer. Her love of herbal medicine was born out of desperation with her own health challenges with autoimmune disease; finding herbs a crucial part of her personal healing journey in which she has found complete remission in symptoms and bloodwork. She is a big believer in lifestyle modification and addressing the root cause of imbalance as the primary goal. Blair studied under Pamela Fischer and graduated from the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, CA having completed an 8 month Herbal Apprenticeship as well as a yearlong Clinical Internship. 


My sessions with Blair have been transformative. All of the ailments that were troubling me have either disappeared or have been reduced significantly. Blair could not be more down to earth yet her knowledge is so impressive. She has a true passion for what she does. I look forward to our sessions as my health has steadily improved And I also feel so supported on my journey towards a more fulfilling balanced life. I highly recommend her if you have any issues ranging from severe to nagging problems that exhaust and distract you on a daily basis. It’s been a total game changer for me.  - Oliver O

Blair has been my health and herbal advisor at Wildkraft for over a year now. She is very thorough and insightful in her consultation process that extends beyond the use of herbal tinctures. The individual herbal formulas she has crafted for me have been effective for both short and long term needs. I highly recommend her services for any ongoing or incidental medical condition. - Vanesa F. 

I met Blair during our 200hr Yoga teacher training, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety (which was normal for me) and was looking for a new and safe alternative to give me relief. I had used CBD and other products which would work but I started to feel dependent on them rather then learning how to use them in my daily life. I came to her and told her my concerns and wants for anxiety relief and she recommended I start with “Mellow Mind”. THIS STUFF WORKS. Within 2-3 days I learned how to dose to my specific needs and have been able to get away from all CBD and cannabis products. I have told all my anxiety and depression ridden friends about it because it is just so good. Please, trust me when I say you WONT regret this purchase. I can’t wait to go in and get more tinctures (even ones made specifically for me-she makes customized ones too!). Give WildKraft Herbs a try! 🌿            - Mayumi C. 

I started working with Blair due to my low energy issues and I can only say the advice she has given me has been transformative!! I have energy all day now and my husband has even noticed a dramatic difference. Blair worked with me with herbs, diet and lifestyle adjustments that really made a difference. I highly recommend working with Blair, she has done so much research and she knows what she is talking about! - Carey C.

Blair Townley at Wildkraft Herbs is incredible. She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me take on a more holistic approach to my health and everyday life. She is such a warm and welcoming professional that I whole heartedly trust when discussing all aspects of my life. Her herbal formulas have had such an immense positive effect on my health and general well being that I swear by them! I noticed many of my health problems dissipate shortly after taking the herbal tinctures. My overall energy levels and vitality for life have been such a positive outcome of Blair's expertise and insight. - Cassie H

I had a sudden allergy attack and even after taking a Claritin tab, it’s did not subside. I coincidently attended a Wildcraft class and the instructor gave me 10 drops of the Acute Allergy tincture to try. Within 15 min my head & nose congestion was gone. I immediately bought a whole bottle and will only use it going forward. Thank you Wildkraft. - Kate Y

I decided to take the plunge into becoming an entrepreneur last year, and I needed to get my own individual healthcare insurance. I knew that it would be important to stay as healthy as possible in order to keep my co-pay costs down. Luckily, I was able to work with Blair to find natural ways to support my immune system. During a very thorough assessment, she was able to link together aspects of my history that the traditional healthcare system had always ignored. I made some easy initial changes and noticed such a difference. When I did get a cold, it was less intense and shorter in duration (as compared to the same cold that my traveling companion suffered). I was also able to avoid the flu this year without a flu shot. My tea and tincture have now become and integral part of my self-care. I’m convinced that, with the amount of toxins bombarding our systems these days, having an herbalist as part of my healthcare team is so important. - Jennifer B.

I had a great experience working with Blair through consultations and followups. When the norm for women is being dismissed and ignored by health care professionals, Blair’s attentiveness and dedication to making me feel heard were deeply appreciated. We worked together to fine tune the formulas and improve my health. It’s definitely worthwhile. - Jennifer M.