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Why see an herbalist?


Wildkraft Herbs offers one on one sessions and workshops on western plant medicine, wellness, productivity and traditional foods that empower individuals to transform their health and performance. Sessions can address a specific health issue or a desire for overall wellness. Herbal tinctures, teas and capsules can help with many health issues including sleep issues, auto-immune, stress & anxiety, colds & flu, digestive issues, skin issues, reproductive health and wellness, respiratory issues, endocrine balance etc. 

What to expect?


We will meet outside in nature to discuss the events that have shaped your life, your health history, your health goals, how you feel today and any other areas of wellness you would like to explore. In order to get a deeper look into your health I may take your pulse, look at your tongue and take your blood pressure. You will receive notes from our discussion with resources for further investigation along with a personalized formula based on the information gathered. Cash only. Payment is due at the time of consultation. 

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Blair is a formally trained western clinical herbalist, corporate wellness educator, permaculture fanatic, home chef and DIYer. Her love of herbal medicine was born out of desperation with her own health challenges; finding herbs a crucial part of her personal healing journey. She is a big believer in lifestyle modification and addressing the root cause of imbalance as the primary goal. Blair studied under Pamela Fischer and graduated from the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, CA having completed an 8 month Herbal Apprenticeship as well as a yearlong Clinical Internship.