Wildkraft Herbs


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My sessions with Blair have been transformative. All of the ailments that were troubling me have either disappeared or have been reduced significantly. Blair could not be more down to earth yet her knowledge is so impressive. She has a true passion for what she does. I look forward to our sessions as my health has steadily improved And I also feel so supported on my journey towards a more fulfilling balanced life. I highly recommend her if you have any issues ranging from severe to nagging problems that exhaust and distract you on a daily basis. It’s been a total game changer for me. -Oliver O.

Thorough & Insightful

Blair has been my health and herbal advisor at Wildkraft for over a year now. She is very thorough and insightful in her consultation process that extends beyond the use of herbal tinctures. The individual herbal formulas she has crafted for me have been effective for both short and long term needs. I highly recommend her services for any ongoing or incidental medical condition. - Vanesa F. 

This Stuff Works

I met Blair during our 200hr Yoga teacher training, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety (which was normal for me) and was looking for a new and safe alternative to give me relief. I had used CBD and other products which would work but I started to feel dependent on them rather than learning how to use them in my daily life. I came to her and told her my concerns and wants for anxiety relief and she recommended I start with “Mellow Mind”. THIS STUFF WORKS. Within 2-3 days I learned how to dose to my specific needs and have been able to get away from all CBD and cannabis products. I have told all my anxiety and depression ridden friends about it because it is just so good. Please, trust me when I say you WONT regret this purchase. I can’t wait to go in and get more tinctures (even ones made specifically for me-she makes customized ones too!). Give Wildkraft Herbs a try! 🌿 Mayumi C.